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Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Helsinki studied the intentions of consumers to consume insecticidal foods among vegetarians, non-vegetarians and plants that eat plants. They examined the attitudes, the subjective rules, the control of the perceived behavior and the fear of the consumption of insecticidal foods, as well as the conditions for the ingestion of food based on insects among these food groups. 567 people participated in the survey by completing an online survey. Of the respondents, 73% were surveyed, 22% were non-vegetarians and 5% were vegetable plants.

Vegans maintained a stricter attitude about eating out of insect foods, and their standard of self-eating insects was weaker compared to those of non-vegetarian plants and vegetarians. The control of Vijan’s perceived behavior of eating insects was vexgen keto stronger than pure animals and non-vegetarian vegetarians. In addition, vegetarians were much more determined than others to eat non-nutritious foods, even if they were nutritious, safe, affordable and convenient. The weak intention of the vegans, the negative attitude and the low desire to eat insects in the future show their different nutritional identities compared to those of non-vegetarians and vegetarians.

Non-vegetarian vegetarians, on the other hand, were the most positive attitudes towards the consumption of insects. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and mushrooms believed that the consumption of insects was sensible and provided a solution to the problems of nutrition in the world. On the contrary, vegetarians believe that the consumption of insects is irresponsible and morally incorrect.

“We expected there to be differences between these three groups, and we expected vegetarians to have the most negative attitudes about eating insects,” he said. “Green sees insects as living organisms, like any other animal.” University of Eastern Finland: “The responses of vegetarian botanists that eating insects in the West do not solve the problem of food shortages in the world, especially when the waste of food is wasted all the time.”

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