inflammation and weight gain

Industrial sugar – inflammation and weight gain through nutrient control
Currently, refined sugar is everywhere. Even with breast milk, we are developing a flavor of sweet taste that often makes us add to the course of life in a reassuring situation and sharing with us in certain emotional situations to sweets.

However, unlike the natural sugars in synthetic sugars to the antinutrients that offer no potential nutritional benefit to our body, it even weakens as thieves of substances and bactericidal triggers. According to clinical studies, a teaspoon of sugar is sufficient daily to develop chronic inflammation.

In the vicious circle of sugar consumption and insulin resistance,  Keto Viante excessive secretion of hormones also promotes the storage of fat. Current studies show that even excess weight in the short term has a negative impact on our current and future health.

The consequences of obesity and insulin resistance may be additional to the devastating inflammation of the cells in the u.a. High blood pressure and cancer The role of artificial sugar is shown in the relationship between intestinal plants and the weight problems below.

Weight loss – healthy intestinal flora is critical
Different theories spread in science about whether the intestinal flora regulates body weight.

Both inflammatory processes and insulin sensitivity, as well as energy consumption and energy storage in the body are affected by the intestinal flora. Research has also shown that the formation of intestinal flora differs from overweight, normal weight and thin people.

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