Heating of health in the winter


Hagen Petters: the human body is subject to extreme stress, especially during the winter months. In contrast, several times a day the temperature differences are maintained at more than 20 ° C, although this is not the only Trialix problem. The way in which homes and stores are heated plays an important role in health. In general, it is an interaction between heating, architecture and current building materials, which have a serious impact on well-being. But the most important factor is still the heating system. What should you pay attention to if you want to warm up?



Heating systems differ mainly in the way thermal energy generated in the Trialix CANADA living space is delivered. Basically, indirect heating is heated when heated with another real heating element and this only gives heat to the room.


All central heating systems operate according to this principle, since the water heats up and circulates, with radiators connected to it. But also work machines can work from time to time in this way. Radiators, for example, are heated or electrically oiled, then pass heat through heating surfaces or heating fins. The same applies to night storage heaters.


Direct heating systems or heaters, on the other hand, are emitted directly from heat energy sources. These include electric heaters, called construction heaters, which run on oil or gas and are used mainly on construction sites or to heat tents.








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