Coconut oil against candida.


Coconut oil is a wonderful remedy for yeast infection with Candida albicans. If the fungus appears on the skin, the coconut oil can be applied externally. In vaginal fungi, coconut oil can be used as an intimate protection. With Candida in the intestines, simply take coconut oil in a proper dose. Naturopaths recommend this procedure for a long time. A scientific study has confirmed the antifungal effect of coconut oil in the digestive system.


When candidiasis to coconut oil in the proper dose extract

When exposed to Candida Candida, coconut oil can Tevida help in the correct dose. Candida eggs belong to yeast fungi and are found almost everywhere around us, but also in us, for example. B in the intestines. If Candida is kept under control by a healthy intestinal flora, nothing happens. In the weak immune system, the disorder in the intestinal plants or the diet rich in sugar, however, there is a strong spread of the fungus of Candida.


Candida: intestinal fungi, vaginal fungi and skin fungi

In the intestines, fungi can lead to indigestion, such as swelling Tevida CANADA and narrowing, but also to sudden intolerance to food. In the ovaries, the ovarian candida is the cause of the vaginal fungal infection accompanied by itching, pain and dry mucous membranes. Also in the form of a round round oval skin, infection by candidiasis may appear. These places can appear individually in completely different areas of the body, in the arms and legs or also in the abdomen.









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