Can avocados change the landscape?

Can avocados change the landscape?
It is said that it is planted with avocados in Limpopo, South Africa, where you can visit the Wall of Avocados. The scene is described as follows: “No more scattered jungles, no brown grass or Zulu corrugated iron huts, no dogs running alongside the road: avocado trees … as much as the eye can see Almost two meters, dark green leaves, dust and drought can not damage them. ”

It seems that such an area has improved. Because trees are better than crowded dogs, like dust and drought in any case. Apparently, no tropical forest has been cleared for avocado trees, which look very different with soybeans, which are needed as feed for pigs and livestock.

Tree plantations in drought areas in sustainable agriculture are also effective medicines for non-fertile areas and climate savings. Trees can raise groundwater levels and prevent soil erosion and make precipitation more likely. Although mixed forest will be better than monoculture, it will be better for the latter than for eroded landscapes where there is no possible life. In this example, you can say that the avocados changed the scene for the better.

Is it really complicated to grow avocados?
Then he continues with the accusation that avocados are very complex.  Keto blast  The refinement of avocado trees has been amply illustrated, as if this step made avocado very complex. But today there are almost no fruit trees that are duplicated, at least not in the growing commercial fruit.

On the contrary, try to find the so-called fruit tree without roots. Often, there are only private gardens for nature lovers that offer this, regular daycare but definitely not. It can not be refined that turns the avocado into something more than the average.

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