What are the good products of Nattokinase?

What are the good products of Nattokinase?
Good nattokinase products can be selected according to the following criteria:

High quality capsules usually contain 100 mg of nattokinase at a concentration of 2,000 FU.
Those who value the quality of the plant choose products with cellulose capsules, not with gelatin.
Additives, such as magnesium stearate, can be dispensed safely, as many manufacturers have shown.
In addition, many nattokinase products now contain nattokinase produced in Germany, that is, not nattokinase imported from Japan.
Pure nattokinaseprodukte free of vitamin K and also free of soy waste.
It is also desirable to produce soybean free of GMOs or Gethealthyfreedom to produce them without genetic engineering.
There are also nattokinase tablets that, unlike high quality capsules, often contain other additives (surface exclusions) and, therefore, are not recommended.
Some manufacturers offer a money back guarantee for 12 or even 24 months if the promise promised (thinning of the blood) is not fulfilled.
We recommend this product. Of course, you can always choose a different brand according to the above criteria.

What does FU mean in the context of Natokinase?
FU is a unit. It is found in the fibrinolytic unit, which demonstrates the strength of the enzymatic activity involved and, therefore, also the nattokinase. Nattokinase products generally contain 2,000 calories per capsule.

How to dose nattokinase
In general, it is recommended to take 2000 fu daily of special supplements, which generally correspond to 100 mg of nattokinase.

However, in some studies, 500 mg or 5000 fu per day were used, divided into two doses per day taken with meals.

How, when and when will you take Nattokinase?
It is best to take the Nattokinase capsules once a day with a little water. Previous doses were only used in studies, but have not yet been recommended, at least not if you want to use Nattokinase as a preventive food supplement.

However, if your doctor prescribed a higher dose, of course you also take it.

Sometimes it is recommended to eat it with meals, and in any Gethealthyfreedom other place, preferably a quick dose (one or two hours before lunch), either in the morning, in the afternoon or at night, it does not matter. Therefore, you can incorporate the preparation into your daily routine as you wish.

Nattokinase can be taken permanently or by dose or when necessary.

How is Nattokinase absorbed in the body?
Like bromelain, the insulin protein enzyme of pineapple is relatively large, but it still passes through the intestinal mucosa at least in part. If nattokinase is now taken as a capsule, it is absorbed (or its active degradation products) in the intestine through the intestinal mucosa.

Nattokinase is not destroyed by stomach acid?
It is known that enzymes are proteins that can be inhibited and digested by stomach acid or digestive enzymes. In the newer intestines expect more protein digestion enzymes. In these circumstances, how can nattokinase be “alive” in the bloodstream?

Nattokinase, unlike most other enzymes and proteins, is highly resistant to acids and, therefore, can escape from stomach acid. Nattokinase is also more resistant to heat than many other enzymes. The temperature can withstand up to 50 degrees.

What are the side effects of Nattokinase?
Basically, you should not take nattokinase with other anticoagulants, otherwise the thinning properties of the blood can be stimulated, which can cause internal bleeding.

However, there is only one case report (from 2008), according to the patient who suffered a stroke, after taking a week of 400 mg of Natokinaz daily with aspirin, who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and this is attributed to the specific treatment of the Damin mentioned above. ,

Of course, you must stop Nattokinase at least one week before surgery (including dental surgery), as they can cause more than normal bleeding during surgery.

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