The risk of diabetes is reduced by feeding plants 62 percent.

The risk of diabetes is reduced by feeding plants 62 percent.
For a New Opinion from the Academy – A. From Nutritionist Susan Levine of the Committee of Responsible Physicians, Washington, DC. – The Academy has studied many studies on the potential effects on health and the environment of a vegetarian or vegetarian diet.

To write an academic book, for example, a plant-based diet can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 35 percent and the risk of any cancer, wherever you are, by dropping 18 percent when you eat a vegetarian diet .

The risk of heart attack decreases with a vegetarian diet, even academic, with 32% of the risk of heart disease in 10 to 29%, and the risk of diabetes in 62% is incredible.

People who eat vegetarian or vegetarian food, “says Seth,” basically have a lower BMI (they even suffer less from obesity), which is the health of blood pressure and blood sugar levels, a rare chronic inflammation and lower cholesterol levels compared to non-vegetarian people who live. ”
Eat Vegetarian – Nutrition Plans
Who wants to change their diet to a vegetarian or vegetarian diet, but does not know exactly how to do it? Can be easily linked to / Included / N N Dietitian / in communication The diet plan can be customized with all the nutrients and vital substances and can lead to declared health goals.

The suggestions for a complete plan for vegetarians and vegetarians can be found here: Nutrition plan for vegetarians or here: Low vegetarian diet plan and carbohydrates

Vegetarian is also a good solution for children.
For children and adolescents, a vegetarian diet is very good, so they help young people to develop a solid foundation for their later life as a vegetarian diet in young clients, even academic authors, who then often suffer less from chronic diseases .

Academic authors in this regard indicate that studies show that children and young people who are vegetarians are much less likely to suffer from obesity compared to their peers who eat their meat.

The benefits of a vegetarian diet in childhood are u. Eat more fruits, vegetables, less sweets, less unhealthy fats and less salty snacks. These factors only lead to healthy teeth, healthy weight and excellent supply of phytochemicals. ”
Plant nutrition: the best of all food systems for the environment.
Benefits also for the environment that you will not forget. The Academy notes that a vegetarian diet reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent and that vegetarian diets reduce by 50 percent.

The reason is that phytosanitaries are needed for less water, less quantity of keto trim fossil fuels, less pesticides and less fertilizers than for a diet based on meat and other foods of animal origin.

Take, for example, a kidney pill. For 1 kilogram to produce beans, you need 18 times less land, 10 times less water, 9 times less fuel and 12 times less fertilizer and 10 times less pesticides than those needed to produce 1 kilogram of beef. At the same time, beans are a source of high quality protein, which can make meat nutritionally unnecessary.

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