More saturated fat, healthier

More saturated fat, healthier?
However, some saturated fatty acids can increase cholesterol levels, but not only LDL (“bad cholesterol”), but also HDL (“good” cholesterol) and even improve it, as is known today cholesterol ratios (proportion between LDL and cholesterol) Hamid).

The higher the cholesterol, the better the protection against coronary heart disease.

But even saturated fats do not affect cholesterol. Only three of these are: lauric acid, myric acid and palmitic acid.

However, as described above, both (lauric and myristic) improve cholesterol since they increase HDL cholesterol more than harmful cholesterol.

It is said that palmitic acid increases LDL cholesterol more (but only a little more) than HDL cholesterol.

However, since palmitic acid is not consumed alone, your preference for LDL can usually be reversed by the properties of other fatty acids that make up fat.

All other saturated fatty acids, and therefore most saturated fats, have nothing to do with cholesterol.

That is, they do not affect it in any way. So do not lower it, but do not increase it.

It is hard to believe: at the same time it reduces the levels of lipids in the blood (triglycerides).

Saturated fats reduce blood lipid levels
But if saturated fat not only affects cholesterol levels but also reduces lipid levels in the blood, it means:

If we eat saturated fatty acids, we will be healthier.

Due to the high levels of blood lipids along with the low levels of HDL cholesterol (in high levels of LDL), the problem is an infinite number of people, almost all of these people who spend their lives with weight gain and / or lack of exercise are, therefore, Retro Vigor a great risk of disease. The civilization of all kinds of bears.

But who increases the cholesterol level? Who raises the levels of lipids in the blood?

Well, what is the result if you just have to eat a little fat?

Exactly, now you are eating more carbohydrates and you think it will help you to have excess weight, diabetes, high blood pressure and anemic lipids in the blood in order.

And what happens

You become more obese and sick.

Isolated carbohydrates are very bad
Isolated carbohydrates (white flour, sugar and starch) found in cakes, pastries, desserts, desserts, cakes, snacks, etc. provide high levels of triglycerides.

Because they are usually consumed in relation to the real need in very large quantities. Any excess carbohydrate, however, is immediately converted into triglycerides.

On the other hand, when it comes to cholesterol, it seems that you can reduce it if you eat foods high in fat and carbohydrates, but not only are you lowering your LDL level but also a favorable HDL, which in turn is not good for your health vascular.

In addition, the only good news (low level of LDL) of a diet high in carbohydrates and low in fat is not really good. Because the LDL cholesterol molecules are now actually less in number. The remaining LDL molecules are small, dense and compact.

Large LDL molecules are not entirely problematic. Small and dense but in urgent suspicion of damage to blood vessels.

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