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Of course, SafewithSmartfood to adhere to a relatively healthy diet (and some sports sessions per week), but in a few days – which has its own rules, which is tired or you are very nice with friends – wins the piece of delicious cake, those of fatty pizza, crispy french fries, chocolate candy … it’s your character, but how much weight can you get from such a bad day?
We can assure you immediately, since you have to move a large pile of food to gain weight. How does it work? For half a kilo, you have to play around 3,500 additional calories over 2,000, which is usually eaten. That means 5,500 (!) Calories in total.


No idea how you see 3,500 calories? Think of two margherita pizza (1500 calories), a large bag of 225 gram (1,200 kcal) chips, and three cups of kava (210 kcal) and 8 Mylockakis (586 calories). That’s a lot, a lot, and then it does not exist yet.

Of course, he will feel bad after a day – we spontaneously thought we promised “tomorrow I do not take anything else”, but as long as he eats healthy the next day and starts exercising again, the Mkiesk probably will not punish. So a binge day. In short, it is okay to let it happen from time to time, do not make it a habit.

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