Rice protein facilitates weight loss.

Rice protein facilitates weight loss.
The excellent food availability of Sun Warrior Rice makes it ideal for those seeking to achieve optimum weight. Clinical studies from Japan have shown that rice protein can be used very well to control weight.

Sun Warrior rice protein provides the body with the ideal density of nutrients for easily digestible amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The body takes everything it needs, then sends signals to the saturated brain (saturated with the best food of all time) and no longer has any nutrients or other nutrient requirements. There is a permanent feeling of satiety.

The winner is: Healthy
All these factors make the Sun Warrior natural rice protein one of the most effective anti-aging foods ever created. Remember, the aging process is largely due to the decreased ability to use the nutritional value of our food.

But what happens if we are always ready to deplete all the nutrients and micronutrients from our food and if these foods help us make the most of the nutrients from other foods? Sun Warrior Rice Protein provides the answer.

Discover the secret of great taste combined with an excellent bioavailability of food. Be surprised by the food that gives beauty, reflects the aging process and forms a crunchy muscle mass.

Natural rice protein: consumption options
The Sun Warrior rice protein, along with the active barley powder Sun Warrior, is the best quality food.

Experiment with the enormous effects of one of the most viableĀ smooth curves forskolin protein sources worldwide with the increased energy of activated barley.

The Sun Warrior protein can also be consumed in delicious green juices. Or you can treat rice protein, like other vegetable protein powders, with healthy snacks for athletes. The recipes can be found here: healthy snacks for athletes.

To show:
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Lemon juice and its healing effects

Lemon juice can be used as a flavor in the kitchen or as diluted and sweet lemon juice. Even as a home remedy for many complaints, lemonade can not be dispensed with. Its effects show healing, for example, in colds. In addition, the lemon juice is detoxified. It also stimulates digestion, fights bacteria and inflammation and promotes weight loss in excess weight. In addition, lemon juice is considered a food that is metabolized as essential and, therefore, adapts very well to an excess base diet.

Lemon juice: the effect of a good cure as a “hot lemon” for the common cold
Either as a refreshing drink or as an acidic ingredient in all kinds of food: in the kitchen, especially tasty lemon juice is used. In addition, lemon juice has long been an accessory in traditional folk medicine because of its therapeutic properties. Therefore, the liquor of lemon juice and raw honey, mixed in equal parts, releasing the respiratory system, often uses the so-called “hot lemon” to cure colds.

If a drink of hot water, lemon juice and honey helps prevent infection, according to science is a controversial issue. But it is true that hot lemons strengthen the immune system and help restore health faster and have a positive effect on the disease, confirmed a study at the University of Helsinki.

When preparing hot lemons, it is especially important that the water is heated to only about 60 Ā° C and add lemon juice only afterwards, so that it is not affected or slightly affected by heat-sensitive substances such as vitamin C.

Against urinary stones and a feeling of fullness and dementia.
The sour taste of lemon juice is mainly due to citric acid, but also to ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Both substances have an antioxidant effect and are effective against bacteria and inflammation. There is already evidence that lemon’s natural citric acid protects the liver and blocks dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

A study of 30 people in the Research and Capac Hospital

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