Driving is harmful to your health

Driving is harmful to your health
While most studies are conducted with participants using any means of transportation to work, Adam Martin and his team focused on people who switched from one method to another at least one last time.

Only in this way can you obtain extensive results and make useful comparisons of individual modes of transport.

The happiest participants were those who could no longer work, but who arrived on foot or by bicycle.

In addition, they were able to focus better and feel less stress, not to mention that aerobics are also beneficial for physical health.

Buses and trains are better than the car.
Scientists were surprised that traveling by bus or train made people happier than the driving test. Train delays and overcrowded cabins are certainly less stressful than having to drive.

“Given that buses and trains give people time to relax, read or socialize, there is also a pedestrian passage that belongs, it seems to encourage people,” said Adam Martin.

Leadership is stress
The British researchers said that it was not just about how they work PaltroxT and that they affect the mental well-being of people. The time necessary for a trip to work also plays an important role.

This is how drivers find their way to work more stressful every time they have more time to drive. In contrast, the mental state of the participants increased when they had to walk another distance, according to Adam Martin.

If we leave the car more and more, we move to the bus, the train and the bicycle or we go down immediately, doing nothing for our bodies, but also for our lives.

In addition, of course, the environment also benefits when fewer people drive.

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