Ballet arcade instead of sports?

Ballet arcade instead of sports?
Meanwhile, there is a lot of information on the Internet and in the form of literature about the correct ballet course, including online courses, which can be learned well through the bile duct, also called Vorfussgang or GODO® (after Dr. Gharibi) .

But beware: the bile duct requires muscular action. Anyone who has been on the heel for many years does not have these muscles in the form needed for the yellow channel. Therefore, after the first days in the arcade ball we can feel an obvious pain. Other symptoms may develop, but they disappear after the conversion phase and after the development of the right muscles again. Then, do not let the first painful muscles push you towards the heel! Keep your ball, or better in the bullet 😉

If you have something good in yellow, the daily walk is a good and healthy exercise for your body and a relaxation so great for your spine so you can perform more sports activities if you do not feel it. We wish you lots of fun and good health with the bullet band. Or as Dr. Gharib says: Happy God!

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Walk to work on foot!

Those who come to work on foot or by bicycle are happier than the workers who go to their places of work by car every day. The use of public transport makes people happier and healthier. These were the results of a long-term British study of approximately 18,000 adult participants. Scientists emphasize that long car trips are particularly bad for mental and physical health.

Walking and biking makes you healthy and effective.
People who come on foot or by bicycle have a 40 percent lower risk of diabetes than others. The risk of high blood pressure is also significantly reduced.

This was the result of a 2013 study by Imperial College London.

In addition, regular exercise in stable activity protects the blood vessels, as you can read here: Vital: walking between them

But not only physically, workers can benefit from moderate physical activity, since American scientists at Indiana University-Purdue University have observed the Indianapolis School of Science.

Exercise, like running machines at work, not only improves physical health, but also improves overall performance and well-being.

Study participants who could have a walking device during work hours were happier with their work, more stimulating and more resistant to stress.

A pedestrian walkway for a good body and soul work.
Researchers at the University of East Anglia in the UK can now build these results on the results of a large-scale long-term study.

Adam Martin and his colleagues evaluated the data of approximately 18,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 65, and collected them for eighteen years.

Among other things, scientists have received detailed information on the psychological safety of test subjects.

The feeling of uselessness, sadness, problems sleeping and fear of the inability to overcome problems are just some of the factors that researchers can include in their analysis.

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