Eliminate the following food groups from

Eliminate the following food groups from your diet or reduce them significantly
Meat products and sausages: if you can not imagine plant life, then you prefer high quality organic meat versus large-scale grazing. This is generally less contaminated and has a healthier proportion of fatty acids (omega 6 / omega 3) than meat from livestock, or from animals that feed on grain and soy genes. The fish must be organic or caught in the wild, but it must not over-exploit its consumption of fish, given the overexploitation of the oceans and the possible contamination of heavy metals.
Dairy products do not realize many people. They irritate intestinal health, promote an unfavorable gastrointestinal environment and can be very harmful to health only in this way. This text explains how to “replace” dairy products. If you sometimes want to consume dairy products, choose organic grazing products and buy only dairy products that have not been homogenized.
Traditional flour bread and pasta only fill the stomach and satiety. More information about why pills do not help our health, read here. How to make tasty “bread” from the seedlings, read here.
Prepared meals and preserves of all kinds.
Sugar, artificial sweeteners and sweetened products.
Traditional sweets and milk chocolate.
Coffee and black tea (during the withdrawal of caffeine can be coffee beans or thermos useful, as an alternative to sugar are different products)
Refreshments, mineral water, juices and alcoholic drinks.
Social medicines
(Nicotine, alcohol, drugs, caffeine) Avoid disposable medications (sleeping pills, Teal Farms Keto  cold medicines, headache tablets with a simple headache, etc.).

The issue of smoking cessation cycles is now offered in almost every session on the corner, so only the best offer can be chosen here, according to the references. Also read: How to become a non-smoker.

Drinking water
Drink 2.5 to 3 liters of sparkling spring water daily. Only this point will make you feel much better and more efficient, for example, you will not have a headache almost as before.

In addition, chronic diseases generally improve once the amount of water increases daily. Be sure to use a well-filtered water system for drinking water, since drinking water is often contaminated with aluminum, which is known to be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease.

Raw salt
Avoid mixing salt and spices with flavor solution (glutamate, seasoning).

Use organic herbs just to test your food, as well as high-quality natural salt, rock salt, sea salt, yeast or vegetable broth without glutamate. More information about salt can be found here.

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