Comprehensive Health Care Program

Comprehensive Health Care Program
The comprehensive health prevention program consists of 15 points:

Alkaline diet
Avoid drugs and social drugs.
Drink well, even water
Raw salt
Green juices
Antioxidants and nutrients
Deacidifying eliminating essential acidity.
Alkaline body
Colon cleansing with the construction of healthy intestinal germs.
Liver cleaning
Kidney cleaning
Food Complements
Dental hygiene is accurate
Stress management
Change your eating habits
Offer your diet to a surplus base, rich in vital and natural nutrients and a possible diet: the details below can be found in this text.

In particular, avoid highly processed industrial ketozin foods (finished products of all kinds) and prepare your own meals as much as possible and fresh ingredients on the market.

If you still want to resort even to the finished products (soups, spreads, Fertigsossen etc.), buy them in organic trade, where you can be sure that it’s just that the products are free of engineering additives and Genetic food is safe and high quality is also vital. Raw materials were produced.

If you are overweight, you do it automatically but slowly with the basic nutrition you require.

The ideal basic diet consists of the following food groups:
Vegetable recipes (leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruit vegetables, legumes) can be found here.
You can find energetic and herbal recipes here.
Green juices (Tasty energy drinks are mixed with fruits, green leafy vegetables and some water recipes can be found here.
Fruits (including avocados)
Nuts, almonds and seeds (flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds): nuts and almonds is that wonderful dishes make magic. Here you will find a lot of interesting recipes: almond milk and enjoy without milk.
Chestnut recipes (Maroni) can be found here.
Self-extractable lentils, broccoli, radish, mustard, clover, etc.
Desserts (homemade) of nuts, dried fruits or sugar-free fruit bars of organic fairs
untreated oils that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and / or low acids in omega 6 fatty acids, either (organic oil and olive oil, organic hemp, organic flax seed oil, organic coconut oil )
Bread of seedlings (you can find more information here), as an alternative old grain bread (Weimar, spelled, kamut, Urroggen)
Millet, quinoa, buckwheat or pasta produced from it. B. Buckwheat Noodles

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