Numerous ways to detoxify the body

4. Coconut oil to detoxify.
Numerous ways to detoxify the body are known. But the effect of coconut oil is unique. It provides energy and at the same time cleanses the body. A good and common application is to take a teaspoon or two tablespoons of coconut oil seven times a day for one to seven days. Thus the body is purified of impurities, poisons and parasitic fungi (Candida albicans).

During this detoxification process, you should at least once a day take care of healing. Take bentonite, which absorbs the toxins released and facilitates the secretion of itself.

5. Coconut oil as a hair conditioner.
Massage gently before shampooing a thin layer of coconut oil on the scalp and hair, leave it on the coconut oil for a few minutes and then wash the hair as usual. It will be soft and bright. In this way, you can remove the usual rinse, even after washing with shampoo, with confidence.

6. Coconut oil also cares for the lip.
The lips need natural care. Many traditional products for lip care dry their  Enduro Stack lips permanently, making them addicted to more and more lip care. Simply use coconut oil as an optimal care service. You can fill the oil in a small saucepan and always do it by hand.

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7. Coconut oil as a make-up remover.
Coconut oil can also be used very effectively to remove makeup. To avoid the use of chemical additives from the pharmacy. In addition, coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, therefore, it does not cause dryness or irritation of the skin.

8. Coconut oil to care for sensitive skin.
Donate coconut oil not only with very effective care, but also with moisture. At the same time, it creates an environment where bacteria and fungi are not good. They steal infections and fungal infections from the nursery. Coconut oil is, Enduro Stack CANADA therefore, a product of care and care that is not completely irritating to many different skin problems. For example, you can use it in eczema and in children with diaper rash.

9. Coconut oil for the treatment of acne.
The lauric acid contained in coconut oil works according to a study (in the activity of the liposomal antimicrobial acid against propionibacterium acne) very well against acne propionibacterium, the bacteria that participates in the development of acne.

However, it also depends on the type of skin, whether the coconut oil can be used in the care of the skin or not. Therefore, there are many reports of acne cured, but also other reports on the deterioration of the appearance of coconut oil. How to know if your facial skin is suitable for the use of coconut oil or not, and how to make coconut oil for a pleasant facial care, we explain here:

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