Externally, skin care is now well done

5. OPC and vitamin C stop the aging process of the skin.
Externally, skin care is now well done. It also needs nutrients and antioxidants from the inside.

Previously you already know Astaxanthin, which can prepare the skin for holidays or sun.

After the holidays, when it comes to renewing, it’s OPC time. OPC is an effective chemical antioxidant present in the bark of trees, as well as in the pearls of the skin and in many fruits.

Skin is the specialty of OPC, because OPC, along with vitamin C, evolution lean keto can repair and stabilize skin collagen like any other nutrient. An OPC treatment must be performed for at least four, preferably for eight weeks.

If your diet does not contain enough vitamin C, you can take the vitamin in the form of a comprehensive dietary supplement, for example. B as Acerolakirschpulver.

With the balanced combination of precious natural ingredients for skin care and the nutrient-rich ideal food, your cell tissue has been restored, preserved and provided with everything you need.

Aging processes that are activated by excessive sunbathing stop, weak cells are broken and replaced by healthy ones, wrinkles are reduced and your skin becomes silky, soft and shiny.

We wish you a happy holiday and a vacation.

Your Health Center team.

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