Excessive exposure to the sun

Program of natural skin care for skin damaged by the sun.
Excessive exposure to the sun can cause significant damage to the skin.

Often, for a short time after a sunny vacation, many people complain about the so-called wrinkles of the sun, as well as dry, scaly or itchy skin.

It is still possible to renew the skin if it receives the necessary support. The products used must be of the highest quality and, of course, free of chemical additives as much as possible.

After a busy summer, you need your skin to care naturally, ideal for alkaline applications, which serve to stabilize the tissue and increase the elasticity of the skin.

Of course, ingredients such as herbal oils, herbal extracts, pure fast keto fruit enzymes, etc. Provides and protects your skin with nutrients and vital substances against the damaging effects of the interior and exterior.

The skin’s natural skin care program for sun damaged skin can look like this:

1. Peeling
With a soft facial and body ointment twice a week, but after intense effectiveness, the skin is prepared so that it can absorb the nutrients that are best applied later and guide them to deep layers of the skin.

Peeling also removes matched skin due to exposure to strong sunlight. PH 7.4 also helps eliminate acidity in the skin, making it feel soft and sensitive.

2. Basic facial care.
Then choose a series of basic facial care free of contaminants from the natural cosmetics sector.

It consists of a topical cleansing lotion, a facial tonic (toner), a facial moisturizer or a moisturizer. Read also our article: Facial care with coconut oil.

3. MSM gel
After rubbing the body and the subsequent shower, apply the MSM generation on the skin to stimulate the production of natural collagen and elastin, achieving a rapid and deep regeneration of the skin. (See also point 6 under “Natural remedies for sunburn”).

4. Basic body lotion
The MSM gel is quickly absorbed into the skin, so nourishing and protective alkaline body lotion can be applied after only a few minutes.

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