Diet, as mentioned, must be rich

Type of diet
Diet, as mentioned, must be rich in antioxidants, guaranteed by an overly basic diet that is based on fresh and cooked foods in the home.

Thus, the skin avoids a large part of the harmful substances of the traditional diet and is equipped with many protective materials that help the skin in continuous regeneration.

Basal state of acid balance
With the excess of long-term acidity (based on high-processing foods), the acid-base balance becomes unbalanced.

The body’s regulatory capacity decreases and, therefore, its ability to protect against the sun and other harmful effects.

Metals and biological materials of the home.
In close contact with the basic acid state of the family is theĀ teal farms keto domestic mineral and biological organism.

The greater the daily production of acids in the organism, the greater the need for minerals to neutralize them, and more antioxidant nutrients will be needed to eliminate the increasing number of free radicals due to acidification.

Then, check your mineral supply and improve, if necessary, with an adequate complete nutritional supplement such as. B. Sango Marin Coral.

Detoxification capacity of the body.
The body’s ability to detoxify is one of the most important aspects in deciding whether a person is sick or healthy.

The detoxification capacity includes the immune system and all the detoxification and exit devices, namely the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and lymphatic system.

If you want to support or improve your body’s ability to detoxify, you can take the following steps:

Total cleansing of the liver.
Colon cleansing (how colon cleansing works)
Remove the fat
As an excellent holiday preparation, therefore, one of the above measures is provided. Cleanses the living organism, provides valuable minerals and activates its self-protection capabilities.

Then, traveling with a decent and strong motivation can compensate for a diet that is not always optimal in a much better vacation.

Natural skin care program after vacation
Back on vacation? Tanned, recovered and good things?

Make sure it stays that way and get the attention it deserves after weeks of being in the sun.

Because the skin is unforgettable! Finally, nobody, sooner or later, wants to give the example of the less common wrinkles of the body, and only for an enthusiastic sunbathing.

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