The term thinness of the blood is somewhat

Anticoagulants – coumarin, heparin and ASA
The term thinness of the blood is somewhat vague because the blood is not really dilated. The drugs only prevent the blood from clotting. However, the term “anticoagulant” is also widely used in the vernacular language and, therefore, everyone understands it easily, and we use it in this article, even if it is technically incorrect.

Since the various processes are involved in the coagulation of blood, anticoagulants can also reduce blood clotting through completely different mechanisms and, therefore, thin the blood.

In Europe, most people take coumarin, also called anti-vitamin K, Testo Drive 365 because they inhibit the effects of vitamin K. Vitamin K is required in the body to form coagulation factors. If vitamin K is now blocked, the blood’s clotting factors can not be formed and the blood becomes thinner, so it does not coagulate easily.

(The coagulation factors are special internal proteins that, under certain conditions (for example, in the case of an infection), can change their condition from liquid to solid and, therefore, cause blood stains  Testo Drive 365 Male Enhancement in places and formation of clots. of blood).

He runs a group of global warfarin anti-vitamin K (warfarin®) and warfarin, the most active in the United States. Not available in Switzerland. In Germany it is sold under the name of Coumadin®.

Other characteristics of blood are heparin, which is usually injected or implanted. If he has been activated and received the so-called preventive injection by coagulation after the operation, it is likely to be heparin. Heparin works differently than anti-vitamin K. It accelerates the action of anticoagulants (antithrombin).

But you can also take ASA (like aspirin) to relieve blood. This blood thinning group inhibits platelet function, so it can no longer be well assembled.

Direct oral anticoagulants
A relatively new group of anticoagulant medications is called direct oral anticoagulants. These blood fluids directly prevent the coagulation factors. Although not only have they been circulating since 2008, they are frequently described.

Blutverdünner – billions of market despite side effects
Direct oral anticoagulants include rivaroxaban, anticoagulants and Bayer’s best sellers. It is in the market as Xarelto® and currently contributes 2 billion euros to Bayer a year, but not without controversy.

First, anticoagulants were approved only for the prevention of stroke. But this market is quite small. Therefore, a Phase III study was conducted on more than 15,000 elderly patients to demonstrate that Xarelto® was not worse than warfarin. The treatment was present and approved in 2010 for the prevention of cerebrovascular accidents, a market worth 20 billion euros.

In 2011, Bayer managed to sell 0.7 million doses per day (only in Germany). One year later, there were 25.5 million daily doses, a sign of the great experience of Bayer’s marketing department, but not for unrestricted compliance.

Already in 2012, the Federal Institute of Medicines and Medical Devices (BfArM) received 750 reports of negative reactions to Xarelto®, including 58 deaths. In the first eight months of 2013, there were 968 negative events with 72 deaths, according to Spiegel magazine at the time.

Of course, both BfArM and Bayer have shown a causal relationship away from them. So it’s just a coincidence, is not it?

Anticoagulants – side effects
It is known that the characteristics of blood have side effects. The main problem is the hard dose, which must be determined individually for each individual. Therefore, some time is needed to “adjust” the correct dose. Even in this case the situation can change again and again.

Because of this, many patients with coumarin need to see their doctor at least once a month to register. Another part of the patient is able to control the blood coagulation capacity (INR value) at home with a device and measure the dose of the medication accordingly.

The international normal index (INR) is 1 or slightly lower in healthy people.

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