If the value increases without taking

If the value increases without taking anticoagulants, there is a health problem. B. Vitamin K deficiency. Because vitamin K regulates the ability of blood to clot. If it is missing, it is about coagulation disorders.

If it is now necessary to reduce blood by taking medication (to prevent strokes and reflux), the blood is taken thinner so that the INR value increases from 2 to 3. In some cases, the risk of stroke is particularly high , the value increases to 3.5 A 4.5.

The value obtained by the medicine differs significantly fromĀ Slimfast Keto the value of healthy blood. The blood is more “diluted” than with the right blood. What’s the score?

Internal bleeding due to anticoagulants.
It can come to an internal hemorrhage. If this is still less, you will not notice. But it is a constant loss of blood, and the body must be compensated permanently.

If the bleeding is more severe, you may know of sudden blood in your urine or stool. Bleeding gums may occur or bleed in the nose. You get bruises under your skin, even if you paid a little.

It is especially worrying when bleeding occurs in the brain. In the long term, this can lead to a faster development of dementia: blood increases the risk of dementia and, in addition, prevents what should really be avoided with anticoagulants: a stroke

In addition, due to existing kidney damage, medications can not be excreted quickly enough so that internal bleeding can take a deadly path.

The bones of your patient by anticoagulants.
If you have to take long-term anticoagulants (more than a year), it can have a negative effect on bone metabolism, reduce bone density and, therefore, promote osteoporosis.

This is not surprising, in particular, because vitamin K antagonists reduce the effect of vitamin K – and not only vitamin K is required for the formation of coagulation factors, but also for bone health is indispensable.

Even the new blood solvents (rivaroxaban & Co.) destroy bones in a different way because they inhibit the growth of osteoblasts, but the result is almost the same with vitamin K antagonists.

Anticoagulant: Not compatible with other drugs.
In addition, it is important to pay close attention to medications that can be taken with anticoagulants and which ones are not.

Medications are often prescribed to reduce the blood level of the elderly who take many other medications at the same time, such as blood pressure tablets, blood sugar, statins, anti-inflammatory medications (ASS & Co.) and much more.

Especially the latter intensifies anticoagulants, the effect is very strong, since they often carry anticoagulant properties to themselves.

Some antidepressants, some antibiotics, thyroid hormones, some analgesics, etc., have an increasing effect on the characteristics of the blood.

But cortisone and metformin (which reduce blood sugar) weaken the effects of coumarin.

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