Human biological age can be well determined with

Extend the telomeres and stay young.
Human biological age can be well determined with the help of telomeres. Telomeres are the ends of our chromosomes and protect them better against damage of all kinds (for example, oxidative stress, free radicals, etc.). With each cell division, our telomeres naturally become shorter as we get older.

When telomeres are used, the cell can not divide and die. On average, cells divide approximately 50 to 70 times before they die.

As has now been scientifically proven, people with Testo Drive 365 longer telomeres not only live longer, but also stay healthier than people with shorter telomeres. So we need longer telomeres to stay longer.

How does it work
Our body now contains a tool to reconstruct the telomere: the telomerase enzyme. This enzyme lengthens the telomeres and can renew the cells.

In 2009, Dr. Blackburn of the University of California discovered this enzyme in the Nobel Prize in Medicine. In 2008, Dr. Ornish, one of the leading food therapists in the United States and a permanent member of the University of California School of Medicine, and his team with Dr. Blackburn make a complete diet dependent on the plant. the activity of the telomerase enzyme. And make an incredible discovery!

As part of the study, 24 men changed their eating habits for three months and made additional changes in lifestyle. First, they took a blood sample from each subject to document the current state of affairs.

Then, the men practiced a healthy diet, based on plants and Testo Drive 365 Male Enhancement low in fats that contained only refined carbohydrates, but many fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes (such as chickpeas, lentils, etc.). Meat, milk, eggs and severely processed foods were taboo. In addition, participants should exercise moderately (30 minutes 6 days a week) and take measures to reduce stress, such as yoga, breathing, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation.

At the end of three months, the researchers re-examined the blood of the people. Now the activity of telomerase increased from 29 to 84 percent among the participants! This is the first and only scientifically proven method. In addition to physical regeneration, the body mass index (BMI) and, therefore, body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, liver and inflammation decreased.
Extend the telomeres and rejuvenate them through nutrition.
Can a plant based on a proper diet rejuvenate the cells? Dr. Ornish and Dr. Blackburn wanted to know about this and reexamined some issues in the follow-up in 2013. Ten of the men had been eating healthy and living for five years. A control group also worked for 25 men on a normal diet and rarely included relaxation and exercise techniques in their daily lives.

In fact, it could be expected that the telomeres have been reduced, and this is the case of the control group that was maintained with the “old” diet (that is, meat, pulp, sugar, etc.). Teleomeres are now shorter than expected.

The telomeres were not only those that joined the healthy lifestyle, but also grew. It could be extended, what was previously considered unlikely. On average, their telomeres were longer than the time of the first exam five years ago. His cells were not only younger, but actually renewed. Healthy and vegetarian diet can reflect the aging process.

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