Why every allergic reaction requires a trip to the emergency room

General description
There are some more terrifying things to have or see an allergic reaction. Symptoms can get worse from bad to worse very quickly and may include:

Difficulty breathing
Shaking chills
Facial swelling
Throwing up
Rapid heartbeat
If you see someone with symptoms of allergies or

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have symptoms, contact emergency services immediately.

If you have a severe allergic reaction in the past, your doctor has prescribed an emergency epinephrine injection. Getting an emergency adrenaline injection as soon as possible can save your life, but what happens after adrenaline?

Ideally, symptoms will begin to improve. Sometimes they can even resolve completely. This can lead to the belief that you are out of danger and you are no longer in danger. However, this is not the case. A trip to the emergency room (ER) is still needed, no matter how you feel after your allergic reaction.

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