Government financing Nearly two-thirds of medical care in the United States: study by AJPH

Contrary to popular perceptions, taxpayers finance 64 percent of medical care in the United States and increase public dollars per capita of citizens of other countries, including those with global health programs.
Tax-financed spending accounted for 64.3 percent of US health spending. UU – approximately $ 1.9 billion – in 2013, according to new data published on Thursday (January 21) in the American Journal of Public Health. The Affordable Care Act will increase this figure by the year 2024, when the government’s share of US health expenditures is expected. UU Increase to 67.3 percent.

For $ 5,960 per capita, public spending Super Keto on health care costs in the United States was the highest in any country in 2013, including those with global health programs such as Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom. (The total health expenditure of the United States for 2013 was $ 2,676 per person and the part of the Government was $ 5,960). In fact, public health spending in the United States exceeded total health spending (government and private sector) in all countries besides Switzerland.

Doctors concluded that the result of Americans paying the highest health taxes in the world goes against common perceptions that the health care system in the United States is often a special system. David U. Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler, authors of the study. He is a professor at the School of Public Health at the University of New York and a professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School.

Direct government payments for programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Affairs paid 47.8 percent of total health spending. The analysis also identified generally neglected health expenditures: public spending, government spending to cover private health insurance for public employees ($ 188 billion, or 6.4% of total spending) and tax benefits for medical care ($ 294.9 billion, or 10.1% of the total)) Together, these public expenditures in the United States are set primarily for health care taxes.

Using another measure, the researchers point out that health expenditures financed by taxes in the United States represent a greater proportion of GDP (11.2 percent in 2013) than the total health expenditure of any other country.

The researchers relied on data from the Centers for Medical Care and Medical Services, the Office of Management and Budget, the US Bureau of Statistics. UU And the Internal Revenue Service to analyze government expenditures on health care costs. They used data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to compare US data. UU With those of other countries.

“We are paying the highest health care taxes in the world, but patients still suffer from unsustainable premiums and amounts,” said Dr. Steffi Wollandler. “Meanwhile, billions are being wasted on paper, and insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits at the expense of taxpayers.”

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