What foods can I take after taking my teeth?

After extracting the wisdom tooth, the best diet includes liquids and light foods because it is not necessary to chew them. Avoid fixed meals
The wisdom teeth are the last molars to appear. They usually appear in people between the ages of 15 and 25.

Wisdom teeth often only partially appear on the gums or appear in crooked corners. When this happens, they are discolored teeth.

Wisdom-affected teeth can cause advanced keto cavities, infections and inflammation of the surrounding soft tissues. The medical term for this inflammation is pericoronitis.

Here, we list the best foods to eat after brushing the mind. We also look for food to avoid and other recovery tips.

Food to eat
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Soups and sauce are good foods that should be taken after removing wisdom teeth.
A person who recovers from the elimination of the wisdom of reason must consume fluid and soft foods. Some of these include:

Smart milk
Fruit free of crushed seeds
Apple juice
Banana puree: a frozen banana is an alternative to ice cream
Bean puree, such as beans, black beans or butter pills
Sweet or mashed potatoes
Mashed or pureed vegetables, such as carrots, white carrots or broccoli
Whipped eggs
Soft cheese
Avoid eating too many products bought in stores, such as skimmed milk with large amounts of added sugar.

It is easy to make milk at home by adding pure fruit without seeds to the milk. The fruit will contribute to the essential vitamins and minerals in the food. These are particularly important in the early stages of recovery.

If the mixer can be accessed, home-made juices can contain a variety of fruits and vegetables. These fibers must provide the necessary food for recovery. However, avoid fruits with small seeds.

The soup can be full of flavors and contribute to fiber, vitamins and minerals in the diet. The broth is generally lighter and will have a lower nutritional value.

While ice cream is fresh and soothing, it is very high in sugar and calories. Yogurt is a healthier alternative, and a person may want to add fruit puree.

Vegetable puree eliminates the need to chew. Texture and content may be welcome after a diet of liquid foods.

Quick tips:

Avoid eating sugary foods, preferably those that are healthy.
Components of inventory at home early.
Just use the fruit without seeds.
Juices and green soups will increase your vegetable and fiber intake.

Foods to avoid
The popcorn is stacked in a bowl and scattered on the table.
Avoid popcorn, potato chips and any food that may trip over the wound.
The following foods can be harmful when they are cured by removing saliva from the mind:

Seed, which can trip over the wound and can cause infection
Pepper and other spices with coarse residues
Hot meal
Chips and popcorn
Other foods that require a lot of chewing

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