Generation of chips

More and more people are calling the current generation of people of the XXL generation. A circumstance, of course, is true, but nothing is done about it. At the same time, the chip makes the generation feel comfortable on the sofa. The following interesting article shows Mr. Fröhlich, former director of the clinic, these conditions and encourages thought.

Generations get their name
Generations – social and political – Shakra Keto Diet are known and their culture and history are improved – through the conditions or characteristics of a common life (for example, the generation of the 68 generation). Terms like “Generation Golf” or “Generation X” have become more than the cited keywords, which, of course, circulate inadvertently.
Free generation of golf
In the 60s and 70s we called the children the Generation X, which has to do without the first enemy action with less economic prosperity than the generation of their parents, but at the same time they must atone for the environmental and economic sins.

A little later, the same generation in West Germany has been marked as the “golf generation” that behaves compared to its previous generation, is a politician, fashion and brand are conscious and largely devoid of concerns.

Internal generation: economic and welcome
In early 2005, an article entitled “The Generation of Internship” was approved as a lifeline for many young academics who completed only one training after another instead of a permanent job.
Geneartion XXL – Clothing sizes are no longer important
The “younger generation” is sometimes referred to as the XXL generation due to the large increase in overweight children and adolescents. However, “XXL” only describes the external case, depending on the sizes of the clothes.

In contrast, generation generates chips in complex causes, lack the exercise of much media consumption, unbalanced diet and genetic behavior (software) that the human body stores energy reserves for emergency times, although in western society today everywhere and constantly working On the available food.

Generation of chips: demographic bomb hit
According to Edmund Frolich, 50, the generation of chips will be the generation that “will be more satisfactory than previous generations and will die before their parents.”

The director of the clinic coined the term “chip generation” in reference to a lethal combination of “unhealthy foods” (potato chips), as well as “computer games” (chips). It is not about preventing children from having fun, but about learning in a responsible way.

The warning, on the other hand, is the “catastrophic” demographic development that will come in the coming decades given the number of children who will grow more than adults.

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