Fluorescent Fluoride in England

The British Ministry of Health believes there is a need for fluoride from drinking water to fight tooth decay, especially among poor children. The measure, however, was rejected by many health advocates.

Forced fluoridation: medical intervention
The National Pure Water Association believes that drinking water in drinking water companies is fluoridated as a medical measure that Keto X Factor violates the consumer’s right to refuse consent.

The criticism of fluoride is that it exposes all people to the drug without knowing their individual needs. These critics consider that the fluoride of drinking water is dangerous, because one does not know the amount of individual drink and there is no way to regulate this amount of drink.

The Secretary of Health, Alan Johnson, intends to notify the Ministry of Public Health about the contamination of drinking water in areas of the country where high rates of tooth decay occur.

Johnson believes that children in poor conditions do not brush their teeth regularly and, therefore, should avoid cavities through fluoride.
Unproven interest
The fluoridated drinking water is widely distributed in many parts of the world. Nearly 70% of drinking water in the United States and Australia is now fluoridated. However, this practice has led to differences and critics of this fluoride believe that the benefits are not well documented, despite the existence of good risk documents.

It has been shown that long-term fluoride consumption increases the risk of teeth and teeth, known as fluorosis. This can increase the risk of osteoporosis and cancer.

Rates are higher than cancer
The study found that women who live in an area that contains water with high natural fluoride content had higher rates of bladder cancer. Fluorides are also known to have neurological effects.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA) classifies fluorine as a toxic substance and regulates the amount that can enter the water.

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