Calcium reduces the risk of cancer

The consumption of calcium reduces the risk of general cancer. Current and extensive epidemiological study of the United States by Dr. Meed. The Yekong Park of the National Cancer Institute brings surprising results, noting that eating large amounts of natural calcium through food or even organic supplements can protect women from cancer.

Intensive study of cancer
The study is based on data from nearly 300,000 Chakra Keto Diet men and about 200,000 women analyzed by scientists, who were regularly asked about their eating habits and the use of supplements for several years. The researchers then developed the data obtained in the statistical comparison of the state registry of cancer.
Colon cancer is less common than the average
Therefore, the researchers’ analysis showed that, in the study participants, the increase in calcium intake generally reduced the risk of cancer. The association between calcium intake and the reduction of the risk of tumors in the bowel area was particularly evident. In particular, colon cancer was relatively rare.

Good results for women
Unlike women, men only had an effect on the risk of developing tumors in the gastrointestinal tract. The risk of other cancers in men was not reduced due to calcium intake.

The researchers point to ancient studies in which calcium seems to resist excessive cell growth. In addition, it binds to bile and fatty acids, thus protecting the intestinal epithelium and the layer of cells lining the intestine.

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Hello! Vorweg: you are for me the best site I have created, a great MEGACOMPLIMENTO! You have a question: you write that you take with 20 g of sesame carbonate 160 mg. But: according to the website: <www.nä Sesame> If you eat 100 grams of sesame approximately 783 mg of calcium, but only 607 mg of phosphorus for it! (This is especially true for seeds and nuts). One should now 607mg of phosphorus (in this example) (= calcium thief) of the amount of calcium 783 mg, to have the actual calcium content? That would be too much for many herbal meals, although the best availability. Or is this calcium 783 mg (available or not) consistent with the amount of calcium present, at least of.

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