Eco-test on vitamins

Do you benefit from vitamin pills? Or are they hurt? Do we need vitamin pills? Or does our average diet provide all the nutrients and vital substances? If the latter is true, what is the average diet? We will highlight the opinion of Öko-Test … and we will come to a different conclusion.

Are excess vitamins pills?
The consumer magazine Öko-Test comes after studying 1 of 49 vitamin preparations until the conclusion that none of them can be considered desirable. On the one hand, insufficient preparations have been announced or contain sugar.

On the other hand, there will be no scientific Rapid Tone Diet evidence of the supposed effects that are beneficial for vitamin products. Worse yet, there is no certainty that vitamin pills pose no risk. In addition, vitamin tablets can not compensate for defective eating behavior, because we not only need vitamins, but also fiber and phytochemicals.
Is an apple adequate during the day?
But what is the “average” diet that gives us (almost) everything we need? In the list of examples of ecological tests, in which the values ​​of vitamins and minerals recommended by DGE should be “loose”, there is no midday. A. Vegetables and an apple sandwich.

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