Do you believe in your doctor?

They are sick. They go to the doctor. Make the diagnosis and describe the treatment. Do you question your regulations? Ask about possible alternatives? Do you consider the advantages and disadvantages of the available treatment options? It is not like this? But you must do it. A survey of doctors showed that many of them would choose treatments that were quite different from those offered to their patients.

Doctor, what would you do if you were Maxadrex in my place?
Imagine a life-threatening illness, such as colon cancer. You sit down with your doctor and discuss possible medical options with him. Since it is not you, but your doctor, who holds a medical degree in traditional medicine, assumes that you must know the best treatment.

They ask him:

“Doctor, what would you do if you were in my place?”

Of course, you expect an honest answer. But the problem is that they are unlikely to tell you the truth.
Doctors are not (always) honest
According to a study published in the April 2011 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine (Arch Intern 2011; 171 (7): 630-634), what doctors secretly believe is the best option often is not what they recommend to your patients as a better option.

Example 1: treatment of colon cancer
Peter A. Ubel, MD, and his research team at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, surveyed 500 American physicians. The doctors received two treatment options for patients who were diagnosed with colorectal cancer and requested the recommendation of their patient.

Both operations were surgery, according to traditional medical knowledge, to treat intestinal malignancy in 80% of patients.

The thing, however, was, of course, fishing. Although it was known that process 1 had higher mortality rates, fewer negative side effects survived.

Surgery 2 has been characterized by a higher survival rate, but it also often produces unpleasant side effects, such as the need for artificial bowel output, chronic diarrhea, intestinal obstruction or wound infection.

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