What can cause swelling of the testicle?

Most lumps in the testicles are harmless, but some may be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Regular self-examinations can help detect the first signs of testicular cancer.
Most of the lumps in the testis do not cause cancer. Bacterial bloating usually occurs due to fluid buildup, inflammation or swollen skin or veins.

However, you can not diagnose the cause of a tumor at home. The person should always seek medical advice.

In this article, we analyze the possible causes of the tumor in the testis, self-examination and when to see the doctor. We also cover diagnosis and treatment.
Inflammation of the epididymis

Inflammation of the epididymis is one condition that can cause the epididymis to become painful and swollen. The epididymis is a tube located behind each testicle and carries sperm.

The swelling may feel like a tumor. People with inflammation of the epididymis may also suffer from pain, tenderness and warmth in the skin around the testicles.

Inflammation of the epididymis is associated with chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease.
A worried man looking in the mirror because of testicular tumor
Lumps of the testes can be caused by cysts, hydroceles and epididymis.
It can be for bumps and swelling inside the testes, or on the skin surrounding them, for a variety of reasons, including:


The bag is a bag filled with liquid that can feel like a small lump when you touch it. Bags can develop in almost any part of the body and are generally harmless.


Varicose veins are a swollen area caused by swollen veins in the testicles. This is like a vein medicine that forms on a person’s leg. It is not clear what causes varicose veins.


The accumulation of fluid around the testicle can cause swelling known as hydrocele.

This often occurs after injury or injury in this area of ​​the body. Algae are usually painless. Swelling can affect one or both of the testicles.

Torsion is fertile

Testicular torsion is a serious medical condition that needs immediate treatment. This can happen when the wire connected to the testicles becomes twisted and cuts the blood supply.

People with torsion tendon usually suffer from severe pain, which can be followed by vomiting and testicular swelling.

Testicular cancer

Tumor or swelling can be one of the first symptoms of testicular cancer. Most tumors do not cause any pain.

This mass is usually formed on the front or side of the testicle. You will feel a lot more difficulty and you may feel more testicular than usual. Swelling may develop within the testicle or under the skin. The testicle may become inflated or swollen.

According to the American Cancer Society, testicular cancer is not common. Only 1 in 263 men will receive testicular cancer during their lifetime, and the risk of death is 1 in 5000.

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